Baltic Ballet Theater

  • Troupe

Baltic Ballet Theater Troup (BBT) is a new and unique product in Lithuania‘s dance scene. It is a young, ambitious and talented team formed by young potential artists who studied abroad, yet have a desire to work and create in their native country. Today the troupe has already got fourteen great dancers. There are more dancers who are eager to join the troupe; therefore, the number of the dancers is constantly growing. The main dance style of the troupe is a neoclassical ballet. Unusual pieces of music, set design as well as lighting are chosen to create non-traditional expressions and find dynamic ways to exhibit challenging dance ideas while still being accessible to the audience. The performances of the BALTIC BALLET THEATER attract a different audience. It is appealing for both dance professionals and lovers of traditional or modern dance. The troupe is also appreciated by people who have never had an interest in ballet or dance before. What makes it even more interesting is the age of the audience – one can see students as well as elderly people – all of them united by love for dance and beauty.